Acorn TV extends free trial period following coronavirus outbreak

The service now has a 30-day free trial, compared to the previous 7-day period

British content streaming service Acorn TV has extended its free trial period to 30-days in the wake of coronavirus-related social distancing.

Acorn TV typically only offers a 7-day trial. To take advantage of this promotion, users can sign up using the code ‘FREE30.’

In addition to British programming, Acorn TV also features shows and movies from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and more.

Some of the service’s content includes Britain’s Midsomer Mysteries and Deadwater Fell, Australia’s A Place to Call Home and The Heart Guy and Canada’s Slings & Arrows and Murdoch Mysteries.

Acorn TV is available on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Roku, YouTube TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android and more.

Source: Acorn TV