Upcoming Google Maps update moves Live View to the main screen

The AR navigation feature will soon be much easier to access

After Google detailed several upcoming Maps features in a roadmap released last month, the popular navigation software is getting the improved Live View update.

Live View, for those unfamiliar with the feature, came to Google Maps on Android and iOS last year. It’s an augmented reality (AR) tool that overlays walking directions over a camera feed. Users can enable Live View and pan their phone camera around to find the destination, see directions and how far they need to go.

However, Google buried the Live View feature in Maps, making it difficult to access. That’s changing now; Live View is coming to the main Maps screen.

Previously, users had to enter a destination, tap ‘Directions’ then tap ‘Live View’ to begin navigation. An upcoming Google Maps update will make it so that after searching for or tapping a location, a Live View floating action button (FAB) appears above the ‘center location’ FAB.

Tapping the FAB will launch Live View, but with a slightly different interface. Instead of the circular mini-map on the bottom of the screen, users will see a card that will let them start navigation. While a small change overall, it should make Live View more accessible to users.

Currently, the update is available on a limited number of phones and appears to be part of a Google Maps beta. When Google first revealed the Maps roadmap, it said testing would occur “over the coming months,” so likely it’ll be some time before this reaches every user.

Source: 9to5Google