OnePlus teases upcoming refresh to its brand identity

It's unclear if eyerything asssociated with the brand is changing or just the logo

On March 18th, OnePlus is going to reveal a new ‘brand visual identity.’

There isn’t much to share, the company just wanted to inform its fans that the change was coming.

The post on the community forums mentions that “it’s good to shake things up a bit.” The image attached to the post also doesn’t give much away, but it does show the logo font and number ‘1,’  so it might suggest a refinement of the logo.

This suggests that the slightly refined OnePlus logo with a heavier font that just passed through a Chinese patent office is real.

I think that a refreshed visual design could be a welcome step for the company. Its visual language floats between three areas for me and it would be nice to blend all three into something a little more cohesive. The logo and the hardware design are all glass and strong edges, the phones have a very techno-futuristic look. Software is a weird blend of stock Android, annoying flashes of the brand’s signature red colour and more hints at the company’s techno-future style.

That said, it’s unclear if the refresh to the visual identity will extend to the look of upcoming OnePlus phones’ software or hardware.

A new logo makes sense for the company since its upcoming lineup of phones seems to be its largest yet with three phones being revealed at the same time. This could be a turning point for the company and a new logo and brand look could mark that occasion.

A recent leak suggests the company is going to launch the phones on April 15th, so this brand refresh could also be the first step in the leadup to the new phones.

Source: OnePlus