Should MWC, E3, Google I/O and other big conferences move to an online format?

With the COVID-19 outbreak still going on, companies like Apple, Google, Huawei and more have cancelled their in-person press conferences and moved to an online format to announce their devices, software updates and apps.

E3, the biggest event in the gaming industry, has also been cancelled, with several companies moving to an online format to showcase the games they planned show off at the annual Electronics Entertainment Expo.

But is an online format really just better?

Should these huge tech conferences like MWC, E3, WWDC and Google I/O continue happening in-person, or, does it make sense for the events to be moved online?

We’re curious — especially about E3 — whether companies will continue to announce games and console digitally, or if they’ll eventually return to the live, in-person format once things have returned to normal.

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