Google Discover now allows users to report misleading or hateful content

The new feature is starting to rollout to users

Google app dark mode

Google is now letting Android users report content that appears in the Discover feed, which is where many users get their news.

9to5Google first reported the feature and notes that every Discover article now has an overflow menu that lets users control what appears in the feed.

Users can select a number of options including ‘hide this story.’ You can also choose to not see stories from a specific organization or publication. Another option lets users cater the news to their interests by choosing the ‘not interested’ option.

Further, once you click the ‘report content’ button, there are four different categories for why you think the content should be reported. The categories are: misleading or sensational, violent or repulsive, hateful or abusive, and other.

Once you make a selection, the story disappears and you will be presented with a thank you message and undo option. It’s important to note that this feature differs from official removal requests from content owners, as outlined by 9to5Google. 

The new feature is still rolling out to devices so not everyone has access to it just yet. It should be noted that the feature is only present in version 10.99 or later of the Google app.

Source: 9to5Google