Ontario’s The Beer Store will ‘remain open for business’ but with reduced hours

The LCBO will also stay open

Beer Store

Ontario-based The Beer Store, similar to the LCBO, is remaining open.

In response to COVID-19 concerns, a statement on The Beer Store’s website reads as follows:

“Currently, our stores remain open for business, however, it’s important that our customers be made aware of our procedures and commitment to health and safety, therefore we will provide further updates as required.”

All locations have increased “hygiene and safety procedures” and are practicing the “use of protective devices.”

In an email to MobileSyrup, Bill Walker said, “We have embedded a number of safety controls into our award-winning container recycling program. We will continue to observe and evaluate, and enhancements will be made as required…”

The Beer Store operates 450 retail stores and is also apparently facing a shortage.

Update: A new day and new hours for The Beer Store. Effective March 19th through March 31st, the new hours will be Monday to Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm. In addition, the recycling program and bottle returns are put on hold until things get back to normal.

Source: Beer Store