Apple’s iPadOS 13.4 update adds trackpad and mouse support to the iPad

The company is trying to be smart with how it implements true mouse support to the iPad

Alongside the release of a new iPad Pro (2020), Apple has revealed that the next version of iPadOS will add full mouse and trackpad support to the tablet

The tech giant first added the functionality last June as an accessibility feature, but the new version of mouse support is significantly more robust.

Apple says that its iPad and trackpad support has been designed to work specifically in a touch-based environment. Ideally, the cursor should adapt to whatever it’s hovering over in order to act how the user needs it to. This is a much-needed feature since using a mouse with a touch-based app can often feel awkward.

As you hover over text the cursor should change to allow you to select the type. If you hover over something that’s more geared for touch controls, the mouse cursor morphs into a circle and acts more like the tap of a finger.

Apple also says that if you’re using a trackpad, you can still utilize a lot of iPadOS’ gestures. This means motions like swiping with four fingers to the left or right will still move users quickly between apps.

The tech giant revealed this feature by showing off its new ‘Magic Keyboard’ for the refreshed iPad Pro. That said, mouse and trackpad support is compatible with all iPads that support iOS 13.4, including Bluetooth and USB models.

So far, only a few of Apple’s iWork apps offer full trackpad and mouse support, but more developers will likely adapt their apps to the new input method in the coming weeks.

Source: Apple