WhatsApp launches information hub to combat COVID-19 rumours

The platform has also awarded a $1 million grant to fight misinformation

WhatsApp has unveiled a new information webpage to provide users with tips on how to help prevent the spread of rumours amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Think about the messages that you receive, because not everything you are sent about coronavirus may be accurate,” the webpage reads.

WhatsApp advises users to verify the facts with other trusted official sources or fact checkers. It notes that users should not forward something if they aren’t sure if it’s true.

Unfortunately, like many other social media platforms and messaging apps, WhatsApp is rampant with false cures and prevention tips for the virus. Perhaps these tips will help users to rethink before they forward a message that could potentially be harmful.

Further, WhatsApp announced that it has awarded a $1 million USD (about $1.4 million CAD) grant to the Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network to help crack down on misinformation.

The platform also says that users can use WhatsApp features like group, voice and video calls to stay connected and provide support to loved ones even though they may not be able to be in the same place as them.

Source: WhatsApp