Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now offers free DLC and other in-game benefits

Four games are receiving these 'Perks' to start

Microsoft is now offering free downloadable content (DLC) and other in-game perks to those subscribed to its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service.

With ‘Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks,’ Microsoft says users will “regularly” receive additional free content for various games.

For now, Microsoft has revealed the first four games that will receive the following Perks:

Phantasy Star Online 2 — those who play the Japanese online RPG will get a “special content bundle” which includes “unique emotes, in-game cosmetics including an Xbox jacket, a gold ticket Mission Pass and in-game currency with a Meseta Crystal” (available in the U.S. and Canada only)

Sea of Thieves — The Xbox One and PC exclusive pirate game is getting “Ori [and the Will of the Wisps]-inspired Ancestral Sails, Figurehead, Hull and Flag to adorn your ship”

Smite — Xbox’s top MOBA game will offer a bundle that “unlocks five Gods, special character skins and voice packs”

World of Tanks: Mercenaries — the free-to-play multiplayer game will receive “three powerful tanks and more”

Microsoft says no action will need to be taken on the player end to receive these Perks besides maintaining an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

In Canada, this costs $16.99 CAD/month and includes Xbox Game Pass for both Console and PC, as well as an Xbox Live Gold subscription for Xbox One. If you’re new to Game Pass, you can get your first month for only $1.

Microsoft says future Perks will be revealed alongside announcements regarding new Game Pass titles.

Source: Xbox