Apple possibly adding wallpapers to CarPlay in iOS 14

There's a new feature coming to Apple Maps too

Code for Apple’s next operating system update includes the ability to add wallpapers to CarPlay.

iOS 14 leaked online earlier this month, so information has been flowing out regularly about the update since then. That said, not all of this is guaranteed to be in iOS 14.

The latest features to surface revolve around CarPlay, the company’s in-car infotainment system. In iOS 14 you’ll be able to use the default iOS wallpapers on CarPlay, and they’ll even switch from light mode to dark mode to reduce distractions at night, according to 9to5Mac.

On iPhones and iPads when the dark theme is enabled, Apple’s wallpapers switch to a darker option, and it appears that CarPlay will mimic that. CarPlay goes into dark mode when you’re car’s headlamps are turned on.

It’s also unclear if Apple will allow users to upload their own wallpapers or if users can only choose from the default selection.

Beyond the changes coming to CarPlay, Apple Maps is going to show more information about hardware repairs and more. It’s unclear how useful of a feature this will be, but maybe more people are searching for Apple Stores on Apple Maps because they’re looking for screen repairs than we know.

Image source: 9to5Mac

Source: 9to5Mac