Microsoft teases future of Windows 10 design in new video

Get ready for a fresher looking Start menu and File Explorer

After Microsoft announced its Windows 10 operating system hit a billion active users this week, the company shared a new video teasing upcoming UI changes and features.

Posted to Instagram by Panos Panay, Microsoft’s chief product officer, the video shows changes to the Start menu, File Explorer and more.

We’ve known Microsoft was planning to tweak the Start menu for a while, but seeing it puts the changes into perspective. To start, the company will reduce the colour of tiles in the Start menu to highlight apps instead. There also appears to be changes to how tiles are spaced in the interface.

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Additionally, the video teases a new File Explorer app based on Microsoft’s Fluent Design system. Fluent Design finds its way to the right-click menu as well.

The video suggests Windows 10 will become more inclusive and offer options for adjusting pointer size and colour.

And of course, the teaser prominently highlights the new icons Microsoft designed, some of which have already made their way to Windows users.

All in all, the teaser promises a bright future for Windows 10. I can’t wait for the new look to start hitting my devices.

Source: Instagram Via: The Verge