The ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Nook Link app is live

This is how you can scan in Custom Designs from older games

Animal Crossing fans can now download the Nintendo Switch Online app to gain access to the game’s NookLink companion service.

NookLink works with Animal Crossing: New Horizons to let players scan ‘Custom Designs’ from the 3DS Animal Crossing titles and more.

You can view your in-game passport and a list of villagers, plus open up a chat keyboard for typing on-screen messages when you’re playing with friends online.

It’s a fairly basic setup, but for people that like to play online, being able to type on your phone is pretty helpful.

The real star of the show is the Custom Design scanner. Animal Crossing fans have been making patterns in prior games for clothing, art, flags and more. Therefore having a way to import those files into the new game is really handy.

You can also use this feature to scan designs off of the internet.

Once you scan a QR Code you need to open the game and download it. You can do this by opening your NookPhone and navigating to the Customs Designs app. Then hit the ‘plus’ button on your controller to connect to the web and download your pattern.

You can download the app on Android here and iOS here.