Rogers now running $75/20GB promotion for a limited time

Both Rogers and Telus are running this promotion, but Bell has so far not followed suit


Rogers is currently offering a $75/20GB phone plan, similar to the deal offered by competitor Telus.

This is an online only offer that will be available for “a limited time,” according to Rogers’ website. A specific end date for the promotion is not mentioned.

Overall, the plan includes unlimited shareable data at max speeds, which are then reduced once 20GB has been used. For $10/month, you can throw in an additional line as well.

While Telus and Rogers are both offering a $75/20GB plan, Bell is not. As per its website, Bell’s $75/month plan is for 10GB; the $85/month option is what includes 20GB.

Regardless of which carrier you’re shopping at, however, be mindful of closures related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Altogether, Bell, Rogers and Telus have closed most of their stores across the country, although some locations remain open to help customers with any major issues.

Source: Rogers