Google Podcasts redesign starts rolling out to users

The new update brings features like auto-download for episodes and more

Google Podcasts dark mode

The latest update and redesign for the Google Podcasts app is starting to roll out to users.

The new ‘Home’ tab showcases the latest episodes from users’ subscriptions. Recommended podcasts that users aren’t subscribed to no longer appear right below. Instead, now you’ll just see a list of episodes from podcasts they follow.

It also shows users a brief description and allows them to start playback, add the episode to the queue, or download it for offline access.

There’s a new ‘Discover’ tab that features a bunch of suggestions for new podcasts and lets users search for popular shows. Next, the ‘Activity’ tab allows users to manage their queue, downloads and subscriptions. With this new update, users can queue episodes to start one after another.

Most notably, the redesign has added a feature to auto-download new episodes. Users can also now choose shows that they want to receive alerts from in the new preferences settings.

It should be noted that the new Google Podcasts has not been rolled out widely, and it seems that only a few people are starting to get it. However, we should see a wider rollout soon.

Source: 9to5Google