Amazon Prime Video giving away free access to some children’s shows

There are 18 shows from young kids to preteens

Amazon is giving everyone around the world access to a handful of TV shows aimed at children to help with coronavirus panic-induced boredom.

There are two categories in the free show selection — ‘Shows for pre-school children’ and ‘Shows for ages 6-11.’ There are nine shows in the pre-school category and eight in the 6-11. Each show has at least one season’s worth of episodes as well.

While some parts of the world are getting access to classic shows like Arthur, Canadians are instead treated to a selection of Prime Originals.

You can look at and watch the shows on the Prime Video website by scrolling down past the login prompt. Once you’re past that, you’ll see a button called ‘Free for all.’ Click on it to gain access to the shows.

Source: Prime Video