Apple boosting the prices of Mac parts by 10 percent

If you wanted a Mac with 16GB of RAM, it's going to cost you more than it did a few days ago

Apple has quietly increased the price of add-on parts for custom-built Mac computers in Canada.

That means if you want to get an iMac with a larger hard drive and 16GB of RAM, it’s going to cost you 10 percent more than it did before the new MacBook Air and iPad Pro came out, according to MacRumors.

This applies to iMacs, MacBooks, the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro.

The price increase also struck Europe, Australia and some parts of Asia.

This change went unnoticed because Apple didn’t change the base price of its products, but two MacRumors readers who’ve had Macs in their online carts for a few days noticed the price increase.

This is sad to see since Apple already charges such a significant premium for the parts it adds to Macs when buyers configure them.

Source: MacRumors