Apple giving extra $1 for every $10 turned into iTunes money

This is a nice bonus during the quarantine

It appears that Apple is adding a 10 percent bonus on top of all iTunes money conversions in Canada.

Redeeming this offer is easy, simply go into the App Store on your device and tap on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner. That opens up a new menu and you’ll see the option ‘ Add funds to Apple ID,’ tap on that.

Apple actually lays it out very plainly once you do this, but the offer essentially adds an extra $1 to every $10 you add to your Apple ID funds. That means redeeming $25 will actually get you $27.50 total.

This is a nice little bonus as the COVID-19 outbreak forces people into social isolation and they need to find apps to play, books to read and movies to rent to pass the time.

This promotion ends on April 3rd and you’re only limited to one bonus per person. The maximum amount of money you can redeem is $200, which gives you a bonus of $20.