New Android app turns your phone into a Nintendo Switch controller

Your Android phone can now be used as a Joy-Con or Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch app phone Joy-Con

A developer named DeepBlue Labs is working on an Android app that will let Nintendo Switch owners user their smartphones as Pro Controllers or Joy-Cons.

While the ‘JoyCon Droid’ app is still in alpha, people have still managed to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with it.

Below is a video from reddit of this in action, with the Switch owner having a Joy-Con in one hand and his phone acting as a virtual Joy-Con in the other.

Using an Android phone as a JoyCon from r/NintendoSwitch

To use the app, you’ll need a phone that has a Bluetooth HID Profile and Android Pie or higher. From there, follow the steps in the app to pair it to the Switch wirelessly.

Once paired, your phone can be set as either a left/right Joy-Con or a Pro Controller, with the appropriate gamepad buttons popping up on your handset’s screen. You can also connect a USB gamepad to your phone, which will serve as a bridge to control the Switch.

While this certainly won’t be as comfortable as using a proper controller, it’s still a nice option to have — especially if you’re experiencing Joy-Con drift.

Download the JoyCon Droid app here.

Via: Nintendo Life