Instacart plans to hire 300,000 full-service shoppers in Canada and U.S. due to COVID-19

Any full-service shopper can get up to 14 days of extended pay if they're diagnosed with COVID-19

Instacart has announced that it plans to add 300,000 full-service shoppers in North America throughout the next three month in order to meet the demand for online grocery delivery and pickup in both U.S.

This news comes from Apoorva Mehta, the founder and CEO of Instacart.

For those worried about having others shop for them, Instacart says it has worked closely with health, food safety and disease control experts to create health and safety guidelines to help shoppers take precautionary food handling measures.

And to care for shoppers, any full-service or in-store shopper can get up to 14 days of extended pay if they’re diagnosed with COVID-19 or placed in mandatory isolation or quarantine.

Instacart also now has a ‘Leave at My Door Delivery’ so that there’s no direct contact between customer and shopper.

Additionally, Instacart has expanded ratings forgiveness and is easier to cancel batches.

Instacart says this past week has been its busiest week in the history of the company.