B.C. Ministry of Health launches COVID-19 resource app

The app includes a self-assessment test and the latest information about COVID-19 in the province

The B.C. Ministry of Health has launched a new mobile app on iOS and Android to provide COVID-19 information and support to residents in the province.

The app is designed to help people stay informed about COVID-19, and determine what actions and next steps they should take.

“You will receive timely updates with important news and alerts from BC’s Ministry of Health. Recommendations and content are automatically updated based on the latest BC guidelines related to COVID-19,” the app’s description notes.

The app includes a self-assessment test, and provides personalized recommendations based on users’ personal risk factors.

It also includes several resources, including information about where to call for help, how to wash your hands properly, and where to find trustworthy information about the virus. Users can also find important information regarding travel, food safety and pets.

Further, residents can find the latest information about the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the province. It highlights the number of tests that have been administered to date, how many cases have been confirmed, how many people have recovered, and how many deaths there have been.

It also goes into more detail and outlines which regions the confirmed cases are in, and how many people are hospitalized and in intensive care.

“You will only be asked to provide your age, postal code, and device location. The data you provide will be combined with all user data and used to inform the provincial COVID-19 response, and to allow you to receive location-based alerts,” the app notes.

Further, the ministry has stated that the data will not be sold, and that it will not be used for any purpose other than healthcare.

With the influx of COVID-19 related apps and resources, it’s helpful that the Government of British of Columbia is getting ahead of misinformation by launching its own certified app.

You can download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play.