Instagram adds online co-watching feature during COVID-19 quarantine

There are also some new features that aim to fight coronavirus misinformation

Instagram is launching a few new features to help combat misinformation and help people browse the platform together during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The main new feature is called ‘Co-watching,’ and it allows six people to share recently saved, liked and suggested photos or videos with their friends.

The interface is fairly slick. When you’re in an Instagram video call, you can tap on the ‘photos’ button and you’ll see a list of posts you’ve recently saved, liked or that Instagram has suggested to you to browse with your friends.

The post you’re sharing takes up most of the screen, while all your friends are stuck below it so you can still see their reactions.


Another social feature that the company launched in response to the coronavirus is called the ‘Stay home’ sticker. You can add this virtual sticker to your story on the platform and it will add that story to a communal story that shows what all your friends are doing while working from home.

The company is also starting to crack down more severely on coronavirus misinformation on its platform. This includes removing fake posts and ads.

Source: Instagram