Longer battery life might come to more wireless headphones courtesy of Samsung

Samsung seems to be giving up its wireless headphones advantage

Samsung is selling the chipsets that allowed the Galaxy Buds+ to have such a long battery life to other manufacturers.

This means that more wireless headphone companies can take advantage of the Korean tech giant’s tiny chipsets. These tiny chip systems are so important because their small size allows for larger batteries, and, by extension, longer battery life.

As more and more people switch to wireless headphones only, they’re learning that once the headphones die, they’re useless.

Apple made the first major innovation with the wireless charging case, but Samsung holds a leading space in the market since its latest earbuds last roughly 11 hours before needing a charge.

Samsung says that its chip is the first in the industry to support both wired and wireless charging, which also helps with size reductions in the earphones and the charging case.

Now that other manufacturers can get their hands on these chips, they can potentially match or maybe even beat Samsung in terms of wireless earphone battery life.

Source: Samsung