Nextdoor launches interactive ‘Help Map’ feature amid COVID-19 outbreak

The feature aims to allow users to help their neighbours in need

Nextdoor has launched a new ‘Help Map’ to help people support their neighbours in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new feature is an interactive map of your neighbourhood where users can mark themselves as someone who can pitch in for neighbours who are in need. Members can add themselves to the map along with details about the different support that they can provide.

For instance, people can volunteer to grocery shopping for their at-risk elderly neighbours. This feature would be quite helpful for people who are self-isolating and practicing social distancing.

“With neighbours around the world raising their hands to offer similar support, the Help Map creates a screenshot of your neighbourhood and its resources,” Nextdoor wrote in a blog post.

The app has also launched a new ‘Groups’ feature that organizes volunteers to help those most in need. In one instance, a user set-up a group in their neighbourhood to ensure that the elderly, immunocompromised and neighbours in isolation are able to get the supplies they need.

Source: Nextdoor