Apple now blocks third-party cookies on Safari by default

Safari is the first popular web browser to take this step

Apple has now blocked all third-party cookies by default on Safari for iOS, iPadOS and macOS following new software updates.

Safari is now the first popular web browser to block all third-party cookies. By doing so, users on the web browsers should be less susceptible to attackers and intense advertisements.

Third-party cookies allow advertising companies and social media networks to collect data and track users’ behaviours across different websites. Apple’s new software updates for Safari now block these kinds of cookies from operating.

Earlier this year, Google noted that it wants to add a similar feature to Chrome within two years. As privacy concerns grow and people are more aware of cookies their abilities, more browsers will likely follow Safari.

The updated version of Safari is now available in iOS and iPadOS 13.4 and in Safari version 13.1 on MacOS.

Source: CNET