Best Buy Canada extends return policy until May due to COVID-19

Some Best Buy stores remain open for store-front product pickup

Best Buy Canada is officially running an extended return policy on recent purchases amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

On its website, the electronics retailer notes that any purchases made on or after February 19th, 2020, can be returned or exchanged until May 1st, 2020. Normally, Best Buy offers a 30- or 14-day return policy, depending on the product.

It’s quite possible, however, that Best Buy will have to extend this policy beyond May 1st, given that it’s unclear how long social distancing will need to be practiced.

For now, though, many Best Buy stores have closed across Canada, with others operating under reduced hours and limiting the number of people in-store at all times. Instead, customers can reserve products for store-front pickup using credit or debit cards.

Source: Best Buy Canada