Drivers in B.C. can now extend their licences over the phone

The new option will helpful for those isolating or exercising physical distancing amid COVID-19

Drivers in British Columbia can now extend their expiring drivers licenses over the phone amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

British Columbians now just have to contact the ICBC’s Driver Licensing Call Centre up to six weeks in advance of their licences expiry date. Drivers will then receive an interim paper licence that will be valid for 90 days.

There is a chance that the 90-day period may be extended as the situation is currently being monitored.

Eligible extensions include routine renewals, reinstatement of a licence, and the replacement of a lost licence. It should be noted that expiring BC Services Cards and BC Identification Cards are not eligible for phone renewals.

“We ask that customers only attend a driver licensing office if their transaction is urgent and cannot be done by phone or online, and if they are not showing symptoms,” ICBC notes its press release.

Further, all driving tests have been suspended indefinitely, unless there is a legal requirement to obtain a license if someone is new to the province.

Image credit: Unsplash (Dan Gold)

Source: ICBC