Telus offers remote installations for in-home services during COVID-19

Telus began remote installations on March 20th

Vancouver-based national telecom Telus has moved to remote installations for in-home services.

As of March 20th, Telus began performing remote installations to help protect both staff and customers.

In an email to MobileSyrup, the company notes that it will exclusively complete “any field work outside of [its] customers’ homes.” Further, Telus will deliver the necessary install equipment to customers’ homes.

The company says it will use “the latest technology, like mobile apps, external wiring and remote technician-assisted support” to help customers install their Telus services and get everything working. The same applies to repairs for in-home services.

On Telus’ website, the company details what users can expect when performing remote installations or repairs. To start, Telus says it will call customers prior to an appointment to provide information on what to expect. Technicians will configure or repair any equipment or devices ahead of the appointment.

When the Telus technician arrives, they will leave the sanitized equipment or devices at customers’ doorsteps and return to their vehicle. From there, technicians will call customers and walk them through the installation process over the phone. Telus says technicians may use video tools like FaceTime to help customers. Finally, where necessary, technicians will work with Telus’ support call centre teams if additional assistance is required.

Finally, Telus says that technicians will only enter customer homes or small businesses in emergency situations, which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure safety.

Telus customers can learn more about the company’s remote installation program on its website.

Rogers has also started offering remote installations for some internet and TV services.