Eastlink implements new safety measures amid COVID-19 pandemic

The new measures ensure that employees and customers are adhering to social distancing requirements

Halifax-based Eastlink has implemented several new measures to keep employees and customers safe amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The carrier is now conducting ‘driveway assessments’ to prevent the need for technicians to enter customers’ homes. Eastlink says it has new tools that allow customers to share the camera on their smartphones with a technician on their driveway.

This allows the technician to see the problem while practicing social distancing. However, if a technician does need to enter a customer’s home, Eastlink is advising customers to keep a minimum of two metres distance from where they are working.

Eastlink has also noted that its technicians have the screening tools they need to determine if it’s safe for them to proceed with a service call. They may decide that it would be safer to reschedule an appointment for a later time.

Customers can still access support by calling Eastlink’s customer service line or by using the online chat option.

As part of its response to COVID-19, Eastlink is temporarily suspending data limits on all internet plans and also providing access to CBC News Network, CTV News Channel, and CP24.

Source: Eastlink