Google lets businesses mark themselves as ‘temporarily closed’ amid COVID-19

This new feature will be helpful for both businesses and customers

Google has added a new functionality for businesses to update their profiles on the search engine and mark themselves as ‘temporarily closed.’

The tech giant has published instructions for ‘Google My Business’ users to update their status amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Users just have to sign into their account and go into the ‘info’ settings. From there, they can select ‘close this business on Google,’ and then click ‘mark as temporarily closed.’

This new functionality will be quite useful for businesses that have had to shut down. It will also be helpful for potential customers who are unsure if a store or business is open. However, for the feature to actually be useful, businesses will have to take the time to update their status.

Google has previously said that it would leverage AI to ask businesses to confirm whether they are open and if their operating hours have changed. It would certainly be helpful if it decided to use this idea right now.

Source: Google Via: Engadget