Plex offers live TV feature for free during COVID-19 quarantines

If you are bored, this might be a fun project to set up and try out

As people work from home to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Plex is letting anyone access its ‘Live TV‘ feature.

Live TV is a feature that allows users to watch local over-the-air channels through the Plex app. While this might be helpful for some people, but for others, this is going to be too much of a hassle.

One thing I recommend doing if you want to watch free over the air channels is to check and see if your TV has a built-in antenna before progressing with Plex’s method.

Another thing worth mentioning is, that while Plex is offering this feature for free users will need to buy their own digital antenna and a DVR tuner. If you’re interested in setting this up or finding out more about this feature, you can read our previous explainer.

Once you set this all up, you’ll be able to watch local TV channels. In Toronto, when I tested the feature, I had access to Global, CBC, TVO and a few more.

The company is offering this deal for the next three months.

Source: Plex