WhatsApp scam promises users extra features to download malware

The scam promotes a 'WhatsApp Gold' service that doesn't exist

There is currently a scam circulating WhatsApp amid the COVID-19 pandemic that promises users a premium version of the service.

The scam promotes ‘WhatsApp Gold,’ which is presented to users as a premium service that is used by celebrities that has extra features for the app. Users are then given a link, and if they click on it, it will lead to a malicious software download.

Since there has been a rise in the use of social media and messaging apps amid the pandemic, it’s making it easier for scams and hoaxes to spread.

WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook, has already noted that traffic has nearly doubled on WhatsApp in areas that are highly impacted by the virus. It has noted that it is struggling to keep its communication tools online and stable.

It’s likely that since the company is focusing on keeping the app afloat, it doesn’t have the resources to keep up with the increase of scams as well.

Although ‘WhatsApp Gold’ isn’t a new scam, it has resurfaced and gained traction once again. There are also several other scams circulating on the app.

It has been reported that WhatsApp is testing a fact-checking tool that will allow users to search online for more information about messages that they receive.

Source: TechRadar