Latest Dropbox beta for macOS adds feature to sync to desktop

The latest update matches features in iCloud

The latest Dropbox beta for macOS adds the option to sync users’ desktop, documents and downloads.

Prior to this feature, Dropbox users were limited to syncing a special folder. This latest beta shows that the company is expanding its feature to allow for the option of syncing your desktop, documents and downloads.

It should be noted that the Dropbox beta for macOS is not easy to get, so users will likely have to wait for a public release in the future.

Mac users have typically always preferred iCloud since it has had the option to sync the macOS documents folder along with the desktop for quite some time now. This feature has been quite helpful for people with more than one device.

Perhaps users will be more likely to use Dropbox with this new added feature once it gets a wide public rollout.

Source: 9to5Mac