EB Games Canada to ship in-store pre-orders to customers’ homes due to COVID-19

This specifically applies to pre-orders of Persona 5 Royal, Resident Evil 3, Nintendo Switch Lite Coral and Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud and Tifa

EB Games Canada has announced that it will offer ship-to-home service to customers who had pre-ordered select games in its stores, which recently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifically, this option is available to those who had pre-ordered Persona 5: Royal (releasing on March 31st), Resident Evil 3 (releasing on April 3rd), the Nintendo Switch Lite Coral (releasing on April 3rd) and/or Final Fantasy VII Remake (releasing on April 10th). For pre-orders of other products, EB Games is advising customers to place a new order on its website to have shipped to their home, then process a refund on the original order once stores have reopened.

Those who have pre-ordered at least one of those products, though, can expect a call from an EB Games representative. Depending on your in-store pre-order, you’ll be given the following advice:

If you paid in full for a standard, limited or collectors edition — EB Games will ask if you’d like to have the order shipped to your home. Because it’s been paid for in full, all you’ll need to do provide your shipping information.

If you put down a partial deposit on a game — EB Games will walk you through how to create a new order on its website. The company says “system limitations” prevent the deposit from carrying over to the new order, although it promises to issue a refund or transfer the payment to another game once stores reopen.

If you reserved a standard, limited or collectors edition but did not pay a deposit — EB Games will ask if you’d like to have the reserved item shipped to your home. If so, you’ll be walked through how to process a new order.

In all cases, it’s important to note that shipments may be delayed, given the pandemic and high volume of orders. Therefore, you might not get your game on its scheduled release date.

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Source: EB Games Canada