HQ Trivia is officially back, less than two months after shutting down

Not a bad time to return, as many people remain at home bored on their phones

HQ Trivia

Once-popular mobile trivia game HQ Trivia has been resurrected after shutting down in mid-February.

On March 29th, the app sent out a push notification to players stating that a new game would be going live that night. HQ co-founder Rus Yusupov also confirmed on Twitter that HQ was indeed making a return.

According to a subsequent report from The Wall Street Journal, HQ is back thanks to an acquisition by an anonymous investor. As a result, HQ is reportedly planning to air consistent games, although a specific schedule has yet to be confirmed.

On February 14th, HQ announced that it would be ceasing operations effective immediately, citing a lack of investors. The app has also faced a number of hurdles over time, including a steady decline in downloads and reported company turmoil following the death of co-founder Colin Kroll.

At the time of shutdown, fans who had any outstanding cash prizes to redeem were seemingly out of luck. However, HQ host Matt Richards confirmed on Twitter that the show’s revival means players will be able to claim their earnings starting this week. Specific details as to how this will work haven’t yet been mentioned.

As part of its return, HQ also confirmed that it is donating $100,000 USD (about $141,000 CAD) to non-profit World Central Kitchen, which is providing food to people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, HQ says it will match players’ cash prizes with donations to other organizations with philanthropic efforts related to COVID-19.

Source: The Wall Street Journal