Ontario government launches COVID-19 webpage to enhance public reporting

The webpage will be refreshed every morning at 10:30am ET

The Ontario government has launched a new dedicated website for COVID-19 to enhance public reporting by including information about confirmed cases.

The province is changing how COVID-19 cases are being reported to provide a more relevant summary of data from Public Health Ontario that offers expanded information everyday at 10:30am ET.

This new webpage is going to replace the general information on the previous website launched by the government earlier this month. The new summary provides more provincial and regional data on confirmed cases, along with trends, geography, exposure and severity of cases.

“We will continue to work with Public Health Ontario, public health units and the health sector to have and report on the best possible data to help us understand the scope of the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Deputy Premier and Ontario’s Minister of Health Christine Elliott, in a press release.

The webpage also includes information about how to stop the spread of the virus, such as cleaning phones and other devices regularly. It also links users to credible government organizations like the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Several other provinces are launching similar websites, including Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec, to inform the public about the virus.

Source: Government of Ontario