Bell announces Quibi’s Canadian ‘Daily Essential’ news and sports content

Bell is Quibi's exclusive Canadian partner


Along with several original TV shows, streaming service Quibi is also set to feature Canadian news and sports produced by Bell through its CTV News and TSN properties.

That said, until now it’s been unclear exactly what Quibi’s Canadian ‘Daily Essential’ content would consist of. Bell has confirmed it’s producing Newsday by CTV News, hosted by Heather Butts, and Newsnight By CTV News, hosted by Reshmi Nair.

New episodes will stream on Quibi every weekday morning at 6:30am ET, every weekday evening at 5pm ET and weekend mornings at 6:30am ET.

Bell says that the daily news program “covers important news stories and the biggest headlines of the day, both in Canada and around the world.”

On the TSN side, Bell is also creating Sports AM by TSN, which will stream every morning at 6:30am ET on weekdays and 9am ET on weekends. The show is hosted by Lindsay Hamilton during the week and by Kayle Grey on the weekends.

Sports AM by TSN “packs the most buzzed-about and truly essential sports stories from around the world into three-minute daily episodes,” according to Bell.

Bell is Quibi’s exclusive partner in Canada. Founded by former Walt Disney Studios chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg, Quibi aims to offer mobile-focused “bite-sized” chapters of content that run for 10-minutes or less. Original content includes shows like Most Dangerous Game featuring Liam Hemsworth, Survive starring Sophie Turner, Punk’d hosted by Chance the Rapper and more.

For a full list of the original content hitting Quibi, click here.

Quibi is set to launch on April 6th for $6.99 CAD per month with ads, and $9.99 without ads.