Snapchat letting users post Stories to other apps now

Now you can make a story in Snapchat and post it in Squad

Snapchat is adding a new feature called ‘App Stories’ that allows users to post their Snapchat Stories to other apps.

This allows third-party apps to implement a social story feature without creating their own story software. As increasing numbers of apps implement similar features to Stories, it’s critical Snapchat find a way to stay relevant.

The feature is rolling out to four apps and works a little differently with each platform. The first app is a music video platform called Triller that allows people to share their Story and also view Stories from friends and Artists they follow.

Video chat app Squad lets people watch Snapchat stories with their friends online. The third app is a dating platform called Hilly. It already has a Story equivalent feature, and it will now slot Snapchat Stories alongside its own.

The final app, Octi, is an augmented reality platform. It now shows Snapchat Stories on user’s profiles.

While this is an interesting move for Snapchat since it gives the company more apps to show advertisements within, it also offers a more unified story experience.

I see two perspectives on this; some people will like having different stories in different apps, while others, like me, like the idea of only having to record one Story that can then be posted to several different apps.

Snapchat teased this feature last year with Tinder and Houseparty integration, but so far, those two popular apps are not included in the update.

Snapchat has posted a developer portal online so more devs can bring Stories to their apps.

Source: Snapchat Via: Engadget