Turn off Wi-Fi calling if your calls are dropping in Canada

This is one way to work around the fact that many home Wi-Fi connections are under stress

MobileSyrup reader has reached out to us with a possible fix if you’re experiencing a lot of dropped calls.

They sent us a message on Twitter that said both their incoming and outgoing calls kept dropping. When they looked into it, they discovered that Wi-Fi Calling is the issue.

Some phones include a feature called Wi-Fi Calling that allows users to make calls when they’re on your home internet connection. In a lot of cases, this improves the call’s connection, but since networks are under stress due to people across Canada working from home, that may cause the call to disconnect.

If you have a phone that supports this feature, you can disable it forever in the iPhone’s Settings app, or just turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi connection whenever you make or receive a call. If you’re on Android, the Wi-Fi Calling setting can sometimes be found in the phone app’s settings.

We’re not sure how widespread this issue is, but hopefully, this quick tip will help some people experiencing the issue.