Sonos discounts $70 off its One and Beam speakers

The Ikea Sonos speakers are also on sale

Sonos One

If you’re stuck inside and looking for a sound system upgrade, Sonos is offering a couple of sales.

There are really only three deals from Sonos’ online store, but two of them are on very similar products. Ikea also has two Sonos compatible speakers on sale.

Sonos’ data says that “67 percent of people say listening to music helps them get more done than drinking coffee,” while “74% of people say listening to music helps reduce stress.” Both of which are good things to do if you’re cooped up and working from home.

The company’s popular Sonos One speaker has had its price dropped from $249 to $179 CAD. This speaker provides fantastic sound, and you can pair two together in stereo for even better music playback. If you’re looking for a smart speaker, you can choose to integrate either Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assitant into the One as well.

If stereo pairing is what you’re after, it doesn’t make sense for both speakers to have a microphone array and smart speaker components, so you should buy the Sonos One SL, which is on sale for $159 right now.

The final offer from Sonos is on the Beam soundbar. This speaker typically costs $499, but right now, it’s down to $429. You can also combine the Beam with two Ones to create surround sound if that’s something you’re interested in.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a speaker that’s a little cheaper or a little more functional, you can look at the Ikea Symfonisk Sonos speakers.

The well regarded Bookshelf version of the Symfonisk speaker is down to $119. To my ears, this speaker sounds very similar to the Ones and can also be paired in stereo and with the Beam for surround sound. Beyond that, they can also be wall-mounted and combined with some of the Swedish company’s furniture.

The higher-end Table Lamp Symfonisk is also on sale, but it still costs $199. That said, it does have the added functionality of being a lamp. Neither of the Ikea speakers features microphones, so there are no smart speaker capabilities.

You can find Sonos’ deals here and Ikea’s here.