‘Reimagined’ E3 2021 to take place next June

The event will start on June 15th

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has announced that E3 will return next year in 2021 between June 15th and 17th.

The organization officially cancelled E3 2020 last month due to concerns about COVID-19. The ESA did say that it would hold some sort of virtual event, but there isn’t any news about that so far.

However, gaming-focused website IGN is creating a global digital event in June that will include several major developers including Google, Amazon, 2K Games, Twitter and Square Enix. The event will include publisher presentations, hands-on demos and developer interviews.

The cancelled E3 2020 was going to be one of the most significant events in recent years with the upcoming PlayStation 5’s and Xbox Series X’s looming on the horizon.

Source: Gameindustry.biz Via: Engadget