Yukon government, Northwestel partner to provide cellphones to women in need

The free cellphones will include four months of voice and internet service

The Government of Yukon is providing 325 cellphones to women in vulnerable situations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cellphones will include four months of free service including voice and internet access. This initiative is possible through a partnership with Northwestel and the Yukon Status of Women Council.

This initiative aims to provide the women in need with access to support services and other benefits available to them. It’s an important step by the government, as domestic abuse is expected to increase since people are staying home in self-isolation.

“More stringent lockdown measures will have a disproportionate impact on marginalized women. One of the only access points to basic necessities and service will be through an internet or phone connection,” said Aja Mason, the director of the Yukon Status of Women Council, in a press release.

The government notes that rates of violence against women in Yukon are three times higher than the national average, which is why this program is so important because it ensures that the women will stay connected.

Source: Government of Yukon