New to-do app Zenkit To Do aims to be the next Wunderlist

With a design and feature set just like soon-to-be-shutdown Wunderlist, it has a chance

While to-do apps seem like they’re a dime a dozen, some proved essential to people’s lives and gained significant userbases. Wunderlist, for example, is one such to-do app. And with it’s impending shut down, apps like Zenkit To Do are hoping to take its place.

Microsoft bought the company behind Wunderlist back in 2015 and will shut down the app on May 6th, 2020 after developing its own Microsoft To Do app to replace it. Google has a to-do app as well, but while good, neither really serves as a replacement for Wunderlist.

Zenkit To Do, on the other hand, launches April 6th with a feature-rich task management platform that can hook into Zenkit’s all-in-one project management solution. And, in a direct shot at Microsoft and Google, Zenkit boasts on its website that To Do is here to stay with “no acquisitions, no surprise shutdowns.”

First up, Zenkit To Do looks and operates much like Wunderlist does. Martin Welker, Zenkit’s CEO, explained that the company “deliberately built Zenkit To Do to look and feel similar to Wunderlist.”

Further, Zenkit To Do has all the same features as Wunderlist, including an ‘Inbox,’ smart lists, list sharing, subtasks and folders. It has file attachments, comments, reminders, offline support, user mentions and dark mode as well. Finally, above and beyond many of the other task management apps out there, Zenkit says To Do is enterprise-ready with support for groups, roles, auditing and more.

Ultimately, it seems like Zenkit To Do is an excellent replacement for Wunderlist. It even offers a ‘one-click import’ to easily move your Wunderlist tasks over to Zenkit along with due dates and starred tasks. For the Wunderlist fans out there, Zenkit To Do is worth checking out. It’s available for free for personal use with additional pricing models for teams and enterprises.

You can learn more about ZenKit To Do on the app’s website. It will be available on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store starting April 6th.