Netflix gains pin protection for profiles, better content filtering and new family features

Parents now have more features to restrict how their children are using Netflix


Netflix has revealed it’s added several new family-centric features to its platform.

To start, the streaming service now features four-digit pin protected profiles, and the ability to filter out content by age restrictions and individual country ratings.

It’s also now possible to remove an individual series or several films in a franchise by title. While filtering was previously available, you can now remove content from search results entirely.

There’s also now the option to review each individual profile’s settings in a new ‘Profile and Parental Controls’ hub, giving parents a single central location to change the various settings in a child’s account.

Other features include being able to see what content has been watched with a child account, as well as turning off the ability to autoplay episodes in child profiles. Turning off autoplay in regular accounts is also now available on the platform.

While Netflix likely has been working on these new features for months, the fact that they’re arriving amid the COVID-19 pandemic when many children are likely watching far more Netflix than ever before is definitely excellent timing on the company’s part.

While a relatively minor update, many parents will likely find these new features useful, especially if they’re aiming to limit their child’s screentime while social distancing.