This aquarium is teaching about bugs, fish and fossils in Animal Crossing

You can watch the stream below

If you’ve been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons but you’re starting to get bored, you can reignite your passion for the game by watching a real museum worker explain facts about all the creatures and fossils in New Horizon’s museum.

Replays of the stream run by the museum’s social media team are available on Twitch. The stream features Emily Graslie, the chief curiosity correspondent at the Chicago Field Museum, explaining Animal Crossing’s various in-game museum’s displays.

The last time the stream went live, the museum went over the fine details of comb jellies, dinosaur fossils and barreleye fish.

You can watch a replay of the stream on Twitch and follow the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Twitter in case it happens to go live again.

Source: Monterey Bay Aquarium Via: Polygon