Google Stadia now supports 5.1 surround sound, on-screen gamepad keyboard in Chrome

New features are rolling out shortly after Stadia opened up to more users via a free tier

Google Stadia has rolled out support to for 5.1 surround sound and an on-screen keyboard for gamepads in Chrome.

5.1 surround sound was available previously on other platforms like TVs (via Chromecast Ultra), but it wasn’t supported on streaming via the web.

Meanwhile, the new on-screen keyboard lets you use your controller for input when playing via Chrome. Previously, you could only use your computer’s default keyboard.

Finally, you’ll now receive mobile notifications for your connection quality when playing on your Android phone.

All three features are included in Stadia 1.45 update. Interestingly, as noted by Android Police, this appears to be the first time that Google has publicly referred to an update with a version number. Hopefully, this means that future updates will come at a regular pace, especially as the service is now available through a free tier for anyone with a Gmail account.

Source: Google