Some OnePlus 8 Pros suffering from odd green screen tint at low brightness

OnePlus ays it's working on fixes

Unfortunately, a few OnePlus 8 Pro users are reporting an annoying green tint on their screen when the brightness is lowered.

According to Android CentralIf you have this issue and disable ‘DC-dimming’ in the settings, it removes the green tint, but it then replaces that tint with really dark crushed blacks that result in lost detail.

The user posted a photo of the issue on the company’s community forums. This prompted a variety of responses.

OnePlus reached out to learn more about the issue. That said, there is no solution as of yet, and Android Police reports that OnePlus plans to issue a fix in its next software update.

Other OnePlus 8 Pro users reached out too with issues they seem to be having. One user showed a picture of distracting image retention on the screen. I’ve never had problems this bad, but I have noticed some subtle image retention that fades after a few minutes.

I haven’t encountered this on either of my OnePlus units. On the contrary, since the last software update, both devices have generally been bug-free.

Source: OnePlus Community, Android Central, Android Police