HTC reportedly planning to release a new mid-range smartphone

It's unclear if this phone will come to Canada

The once-dominant smartphone manufacturer HTC seems to be making another mid-range phone, according to a recent batch of leaks.

The info, which comes from leaker/developer ‘LlabTooFeR,’ doesn’t share that much information about the leaked phone. The smartphone looks very similar to the OnePlus 8, and is reportedly called the Desire Pro 20.

Notably, the phone is also still rocking a headphone jack. This makes sense since many mid-range phones also still feature the port.

HTC hasn’t really released a phone in Canada since the HTC U12+, but it has continued to drop phones in other regions. The company keeps pumping out mid-range and low-end devices and even released a blockchain phone in 2019.

While Canadians haven’t seen any new HTC phones in a while, we’ve seen companies pull out and re-enter in the mid-range market before, with Nokia being a notable example.

Earlier this year rumours circulating that HTC was working on a 5G phone, so this could be that device.

Source: LlabTooFeR (@LlabTooFer)