Telus launches ‘Broadband Push-to-Talk’ service for business, government customers

The carrier says the service will help businesses empower their mobile workforces


Telus is launching Broadband Push-to-Talk service for its business and government customers through a partnership with ESChat.

California-based ESChat offers secure Push-to-Talk services over LTE communications. ESChat and Telus completed a commercial contract in May 2019 and have had a soft-launch with several marquee customers since late 2018.

With carrier integration and the soft-launch now complete, the ESChat solution is commercially available for Telus business and government customers.

Push-to-talk essentially allows users to instantly connect to one or several users with a push of a button, which allows them to remain in immediate contact with certain important people.

“The Telus PTT offering is priced at $7.50 CAD per month, and includes secure push-to-talk, live location tracking and mapping and secure group multimedia messaging,” ESChat wrote in a press release.

Telus will invoice customers on their monthly wireless bill, and its customers service team will handle Tier-1 customer support.

“Through our collaboration with ESChat, we’re helping businesses empower their mobile workforces while driving agility and cost savings,” said Marshall Berkin, vice-president of national business solutions at Telus, in a press release.

Source: ESChat