Gmail summaries of key purchases and flight details are going mobile

The Gmail card-based user interface is coming soon to Android and iOS

Have you ever noticed — before airports were ghost towns — how Gmail recapped details about flights and other arrangements at the top of emails. Well, the same summary is coming to Android and iOS with an expanded use case and card-based UI, according to 9to5Google.

Going forward, Gmail on mobile will now show a card underneath the subject line clarifying a flight confirmation or email about an order. Key detail will include takeoff and landing times, flight duration, passenger name, seat and confirmation number. Departing and return flights will feature multiple cards.

Cards don’t appear for just flights, but also both physical and online purchases, which will identify who you’re ordering from, the total cost and the items listed. So far, it works for both Play Store and Google Play transactions.

Sadly, this doesn’t work for Amazon orders, which may be intentional or a design flaw for the mobile Gmail smartcard feature.

Finding key details in the summaries is more convenient for anyone in a hurry who doesn’t have time to look for the original email. The interface on mobile lets users collapse the card which includes the summary, cover image and the email starting underneath.

According to 9to5Google, this was initially discovered back in February, but the summary card is now rolling out widely this week.

Source: 9to5Google