Toronto-based Nanoleaf’s Hexagon smart lights are now available for pre-order

The first batch preorders are shipping at the end of June for early adopters

Back at CES at the start of the year, Nanoleaf showcased its new hexagon-shaped smart lighting system.

Now, pre-orders for the Toronto-based company’s ‘Shapes – Hexagons’ lights are officially live.

The first batch is shipping at the end of June, but only if you signed-up for the preorder email listing in time. Anyone who signed-up early also received a discount on Nanoleaf’s latest smart lighting system.

“This is the first production batch that is available exclusively to a limited audience. We expect the pre-order will sell out quickly, so don’t say we didn’t warn you,” Nanoleaf said in an email to first batch purchasers.

You can also still sign-up to pre-order the lights when more are available.

The preorders for Nanoleaf’s Hexagon product include a 7-panel starter at $199.99 USD (approximately $281.54 CAD), a 13-panel bundle at $319.97 (approximately $450.44 CAD) and a 19-panel bundle at $439.95 USD (approximately $619.34 CAD).